The Beginning…..

God!!I never knew it would be rather brain racking when it comes to starting my own blog. Well yeah I do belong to the ‘Late Majority’ in the so called ‘Product Life Cycle’, let’s face it I have late realizations. We’ll come to what got me to starting this Blog a little later….what inspired me to be precise.


Let’s be honest with ourselves here people, it ain’t easy conceptualizing a Blog. Lots of things come to your mind…I’m opening myself up to the world? Who is going to read it? Am I going to make sense or ‘Relate’ to people out there? What am I going to write about?

Ok so now getting the Blog…ONLINE. My first concern was the image for my ‘Header’, yes I’m a sucker for presentation. I owe that to a quality developed owing to a Business education in a reputed Fashion school; it’s all about Presentation and Design people. Spent a two days deciding whether I should have a header or not? Then figuring it out the perfect image?Ok, the Intellectual Property Rights conscience came knocking at my door…nahh didn’t want to steal anyone’s image …not for my Header at least.

(God and still deliberating a header…….Annoying Perfectionist)

Well after a lot of thought process and almost banging my fist over my notebook’s mouse pad a couple of times….’The Carrie Girl’ was finally born.The blog is still going through a lot of tweaks,so do expect a lot of changes in the days to come.

(‘Carrie’ played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and The City, watch an episode or the first movie, you’ll know why)

Anyway till the next post….Keep Looking Good!!



3 thoughts on “The Beginning…..

  1. Richa Raina says:

    Babbyyyy !!! I love the look n feel… The name ‘The carrie girl” the pictures… the material… its good work… ur such a talented child woman.. love u loads…

  2. Loud Mind says:

    Awesome post! I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to SOMEONE…now let’s make history shall we 🙂

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