Honestly I’m a sucker for customization.Is it just me or do you also have the urge to keep wanting to change your theme,every time you see a new addition on the main word press page.I don’t know,call me greedy but I see these lovely and amazing themes cropping up in a matter of hours and then I spend an hour trying to change it to something that suits my mood.Haha its like changing your Barbie’s clothes every time you picked her up when you were a kid…or maybe your shoelaces on your favorite pair of sneakers.Am I alone or do I have a problem?


3 thoughts on “Personalization

  1. Linny Rose says:

    You are not alone dear. I am sure atleast 90% of your readers can relate to that. Out of the 90, most are governed by a universally accepted, yet seldom talked about mantra, “What will they think about me?”. They are just scared to open their minds to others. A small thing as customizing one’s page can make them think twice!
    You are among the ones that are brave enough to be themselves, instead of following the crowd.

    • Hahaha…Thank you dear!!It’s about change too,people get complacent with whatever,wherever or who they are.I think change is very important for any person.Ok…I maybe a to show off my beautiful colors…but at the end of the day I am a Reptile.(Hope that made sense metaphorically) 😛

  2. Loud Mind says:

    you’re definitely not alone! One of the reason why I never really got to re-start blogging again. I feel like the theme has to match my blog and my personality, almost like wanting my house to look very nice since I have visitors coming over from time to time…and I want to keep them coming :-). And I expect the same when I go on someone else blog. I wanna be attracted to it not only in terms of lit, but aesthetically as well…

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