Let’s play….Dress Up!!

Call me judgmental but I always like to catch details of what people are wearing,when I meet them for the first time and umm…especially if they are guys.(Guilty)I have a mental score chart which gets ticks and crosses on a long list of attributes.I especially think that when you are going to meet someone for the first time,be it anyone random…its always important to look good.

There are couple of things I notice,like Shoes.I love when a guy can experiment with his shoes.I hate some of those people who think ,”oh who’s going to even notice?” and show up wearing the river-guide-type sandal,the trekking or sporty kind-I cringe at the sight of them.And its very important that the shoes should be polished,so what if they going to get dirty anyway,doesn’t mean you need to step out like you clean chimneys in your free time.

Ok I have this habit and to my luck haven’t been caught so far,I sometimes find myself staring at a person’s wrist when talking to them(No I don’t have Fetish)I initially close in to see if they are wearing a watch and then the brand.Not that I’m being materialistic,but an idea of the brand gives you a close idea of the guy’s lifestyle.Whether he is sporty,if he has taste and variety,if he is a workaholic…yeah that too.(You’ll find him constantly staring at the watch,they get used to that and plus you’ll know if he just want to get it over with)And how can anyone resist the attraction of a fragrance!!Its very important that when your man or prospective man walks into the room he smells right out of the shower,with yummy hints of musk or vetiver-even if he is wearing the deodorant spray from the grocery store,its all about his olfactory tastes.It’s something I’ve learnt from my Dad.The cherry on the cake is the gelled and cropped hair…very Important!!

Now here’s some serious advice,you know how much the guy is into you on the second date….or if this person is meeting you after a long time(and the two of you had a thing for each other),in both cases if he doesn’t show up all crisp and good looking sister….lose the number,Pronto!How much effort a guy takes to dressing up for you,shows how interested he is in you and how much he wants to impress you.I’m not saying the guy has to splurge and look like a Gold mine,during such meetings but it is key to look the best you can,with what you have and not come out looking like you are going for a drive with the guys.The reason why I don’t include my sex in this evaluation process,is because girls have the in-built need to look good when they are meeting some one.Yes but there are few who belong to the other category.I think that goes a long way in keeping the appeal and attraction alive through the relationship-the desire.No I’m not saying that you need to have a image showdown here,but when you look good,your partner wants to look equally good at your arm too.

Let’s just end by saying I prefer the man to be the Peacock,prancing around in his best.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s play….Dress Up!!

  1. Linny Rose says:

    Well-said girl! But it’s really hard to find such guys. I guess the challenge would explain the whole ‘Soul-Mate’ concept.

  2. Loud Mind says:

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more! especially on the shoes/cologne and hair situation.

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