Do You Hear Me?

Ok…here we go…two posts in one day!Well its a slow day,so rather write than waste time…

So I was engaged in my daily workout,with the radio blaring in the background and the RJ talks about ‘Mix Tapes”,how they used to be a ‘Cute’ thing back in the days-you compile a mix of songs in a particular order on a tape to gift it to someone.Such tapes were popularly exchanged between crushes or people in love and of course your concert buddy.

Hmmm apparently I can remember two distinct occasions when I received and gave a mix CD to someone (yeah oh I don’t come from the Tape Age,I was rather young to mix a tape for anyone).I did once get a Christmas carol mix CD from a certain someone once as I was leaving for home for the holidays,it was really sweet and had the most lovely of Nativity carols and tunes-the end of that story was that next Christmas ,‘Last Christmas’ by George Michael was on my playlist….yup that is an Irony!!!

The next time I got creative and made a Mix CD for another certain someone who shared common music interests as me,he was rather touched.I got on my favorite numbers on there,made a really cool CD jacket out of fancy craft paper,talk about getting mushy over a crush and well it did close the deal!!After that few songs were exchanged over email for sometime and well lets say that was the last Mix CD made,received or exchanged.Come to think of it,I did gift an ex-colleague a CD once for her birthday…but bought it from a music store.


It’s a rather interesting gift idea,considering that Christmas is just around the corner.Hey don’t feel like sending the traditional Christmas Card ,well then make a Mix CD!!It is an interestingly personalized way to convey feelings;love,hate,friendship or religious ties for that matter and is also a GOOD conversation starter.Forget about those online playlists and crap,lets get a tad more personal.Everyone does “Online”,but what makes a difference is when you make an impression with something more concrete and that can be felt-maybe later someday it will be pulled out of a storage box during a cleaning spree and you will be fondly thought of,might even get a call or not!Worth the Effort,what say?

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2 thoughts on “Do You Hear Me?

  1. Loud Mind says:

    You are so right about getting personal! And I still make mix CDs for friends and family. It makes the person feel much more appreciated, that you went out of your way to do all of that.
    Very nice post!

  2. Thank You!!I know,it really does.These days people have gotten so accustomed to borrowing USB or portable drives to share music and find it rather a fuss to burn a CD,I include myself in that category too.Well heres hoping to give and receive some CDs in the future ;D

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