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Recognizing the Doors and Windows….


It’s economics period and my teacher introduces the “Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility” to the class.She then goes on to explain a concept called “Opportunity Cost” and how its is important when making choices economically.At the end she instructs the whole class to memorize the law and by next day we should know it like the back of our hands. There I sat staring at the blackboard,”Is this ever going to be important later on in my life?”,I mean unless of course I do decide to take a Major in Economics,which by the way was very unlikely at that time.

Opportunity cost is the cost of any activity measured in terms of the value of the best alternative that is not chosen. It is basically  the sacrifice one makes in relation to the second best option available to them.It explains the relation between scarcity and choice. The concept of opportunity cost was first developed in 1914 by Friedrich von Wieser in his book “Theorie der gesellschaftlichen Wirtschaft”.To put it simply,choosing whether I need to buy a new jacket that would look fabulous with my indigo jeans or a pair of shoes that would be perfect for work,while on a budget.So which of the two I am I willing to forgo to derive the benefits of just one?


So today I sit here,having a situation where I have to make the choice of an opportunity cost and as I take the decision I wonder about the value of the thing I am forgoing,which is tough to say the least.And now I understand the importance of that class,apart from understanding the fundamentals of economics,it was important for my fundamentals in life .It doesn’t have to be in monetary terms but could be anything from lovers,to a job or to obligations.I’m sure you know how it feels,so I really don’t need to elaborate.Well even post making a choice,there is still that ringing in your ears,is this really worth it?Yes there are times when you are perfectly happy with the choice you have made and there is no turning back,that would be more in relation to buying clothes or choosing a brand of orange juice.It really doesn’t affect you in the long term.Whereas like I mentioned,there come those moments in life when you think,”Oh my god should I be doing this?”As this decision may play a very important role later in the future course of one’s life.Now there is a sort of psychological consolation you can make to yourself regarding the decision-making in the latter,with relation to the number of doors that it opens.Ok let me explain it like my economics professor. (can’t forget her,she really made those classes fun and at the same time terrifying)

Opportunity cost has been seen as the foundation of the marginal theory of value as well as the theory of time and money. In some cases, it may be possible to have more of everything by making different choices; for instance, when an economy is within its production possibility frontier-the benefits arising from two options using the same factors of production or resources.So therefore making a choice of something where you see the most benefits and at the same time requires a lot of time,calculation and deliberation to reach a final solution.Now two choices will obviously have their own benefits and that is where the problem always arises.For Example:So what are you going to have for breakfast tomorrow?Eggs,Bacon and Coffee; Eggs,Bacon and Orange Juice;Eggs,Bacon,Coffee and OJ;Cereal and OJ; or all of it??(My given choices intend to reflect the positive and negative nutritional value of each item,but at the same time you need to consider the quantity as well the time you have in the morning)

Why am I sharing this with you?Well it struck me how the opportunity cost,plays an important role at every single step.Plus just watched the ‘Freakonomics-The Movie’ yesterday,so feeling a bit inspired.

Note:I’m open to healthy criticism on the above!!!

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Let’s play….Dress Up!!

Call me judgmental but I always like to catch details of what people are wearing,when I meet them for the first time and umm…especially if they are guys.(Guilty)I have a mental score chart which gets ticks and crosses on a long list of attributes.I especially think that when you are going to meet someone for the first time,be it anyone random…its always important to look good.

There are couple of things I notice,like Shoes.I love when a guy can experiment with his shoes.I hate some of those people who think ,”oh who’s going to even notice?” and show up wearing the river-guide-type sandal,the trekking or sporty kind-I cringe at the sight of them.And its very important that the shoes should be polished,so what if they going to get dirty anyway,doesn’t mean you need to step out like you clean chimneys in your free time.

Ok I have this habit and to my luck haven’t been caught so far,I sometimes find myself staring at a person’s wrist when talking to them(No I don’t have Fetish)I initially close in to see if they are wearing a watch and then the brand.Not that I’m being materialistic,but an idea of the brand gives you a close idea of the guy’s lifestyle.Whether he is sporty,if he has taste and variety,if he is a workaholic…yeah that too.(You’ll find him constantly staring at the watch,they get used to that and plus you’ll know if he just want to get it over with)And how can anyone resist the attraction of a fragrance!!Its very important that when your man or prospective man walks into the room he smells right out of the shower,with yummy hints of musk or vetiver-even if he is wearing the deodorant spray from the grocery store,its all about his olfactory tastes.It’s something I’ve learnt from my Dad.The cherry on the cake is the gelled and cropped hair…very Important!!

Now here’s some serious advice,you know how much the guy is into you on the second date….or if this person is meeting you after a long time(and the two of you had a thing for each other),in both cases if he doesn’t show up all crisp and good looking sister….lose the number,Pronto!How much effort a guy takes to dressing up for you,shows how interested he is in you and how much he wants to impress you.I’m not saying the guy has to splurge and look like a Gold mine,during such meetings but it is key to look the best you can,with what you have and not come out looking like you are going for a drive with the guys.The reason why I don’t include my sex in this evaluation process,is because girls have the in-built need to look good when they are meeting some one.Yes but there are few who belong to the other category.I think that goes a long way in keeping the appeal and attraction alive through the relationship-the desire.No I’m not saying that you need to have a image showdown here,but when you look good,your partner wants to look equally good at your arm too.

Let’s just end by saying I prefer the man to be the Peacock,prancing around in his best.

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Right now sitting in my room, listening to Sara Bareilles’s new Album-‘Kaleidoscope’,quite interesting in terms of lyrics.Perfect  those numb days when all you want to do is just stare out the window and would like to just go on with your own business for the rest of the day.(Also Recommended for someone who has broken up or debating with themselves about a relationship)

To me music is most important to help me through the moods,may it be sheer happiness,the stabbing pain of a heartache,the revengeful feeling thereafter,the rush through getting ready for work,when out on a jog…in short infinite situations.(Oh and not to forget when posing in front of the mirror in goods from a shopping spree…common don’t grin I know you do it too).Some people including me have a playlist for the Metro,the Bus ride or when rushing through airport for a flight.And yes technology is going as far as it can to make music so portable that it’s there with you everywhere.There are some artists that can take you to places even though you may or may not have been there.For example take two diverse artists like ‘Kings of Leon’ and ‘Everything but the Girl’,I have always associated them with walking through the damp alleys of Brooklyn.Ella Fitzgerald transports you back into one of those jazz bars,where a whirlwind romance is about to begin.

Music has the indefinable power to deal with a situation and some artists have the most perfect lyrics,like they were invisible shadows studying you and BAM!!…there comes the song just made for you.When you want to read,paint,cook,through unemployment,feeling frisky and maybe you are just crushing or longing for that person,there is one for every possible thing.Have you noticed how key music is to fill in the gaps or empty silences of everyday life like before your flight takes off,during a meal at restaurant when you are between rather boring people or conversations,or provides company when alone in a bar….(ok I am going into an overdrive with examples).Its funny how one artist always leads you to discovery of another.

There are times when people make conversation and ask you ‘So what kind of Music do you like?’Inside my mind I go ‘HUH’,do they really have the time to listen and are they really that interested?It’s rather weird to answer a question like that,cause today I may like Marshall Mather’s alter ego-Eminem,some other day it would be Fleetwood Mac….The Beach Boys….Nickel Back….and sometimes Van Morrison.It would really be difficult for me to be loyal to one genre.I agree some people have very definite musical tastes,but personally I love experimenting with my musical tastes like a Chef.The same feeling  when you know how to do your perfect burger with the fries and at the same time that gourmet sauce.Same thing as when someone asks you,which is your favorite pair of shoes?To the girls…Can you really pick?However I do agree musical preferences also depend on the age group and background one comes from.So that would be a discussion on a totally different level altogether.

Somehow for me it has always been difficult to confine my audio preferences into a single word.Music to me is like infinite universe,that one can escape to and I love my rat pack,the cheesy 80’s and 90’s pop,house,R’N’B,jazz,bollywood,indie rock,alternate rock,trance and the endless choices to the ears.And hey whatever works for you and helps you get through a day.

Think about it…

The line ‘Clothes define people’ is only half truism in fashion.The other more powerful half is how people give personalities to clothes.