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Morning Jive and Java

As I have mentioned earlier there are some artists that I like listening to when in a particular mood or during a certain time of the day.Well I have something called ‘My Morning Artists’,which are basically artists I like to listen to in the morning to ensure a ‘Smooth Wake Up’-as VH1 perfectly titles one of their shows.Well most days its usually a mixed playlist of forgotten classics or one hit wonders from the 80’s and 90’s and some mornings are solely dedicated to a particular artists.Now one of my all time favorites is….here it comes…’”Fleetwood Mac’”.Yup Yup and I’m not shy to admit it.

I usually like to start with ‘Everywhere’,which just sounds perfect when I’m brushing my teeth as I sing it out in front of then mirror,or when I experience the first hints of aroma of my morning coffee…yup Perfect.Oh and there have been times when I have caught myself humming it a little louder than my own personal space while on the metro and I have gotten stairs like ‘Common in the morning?’ or ‘Did I just hear that?’.They have got this pick me up groove about them,which gets you doing one of those steps,that only the four walls of your room knows of.Some of my favorite tunes from the band include Little Lies (best sung out in front of the mirror),Albatross,Gypsy,Family Man,Songbird,You make loving fun and then there is Hold me,which sounds way ahead of its time.And how can I forget Rhiannon,I have heard of people who have been named after that song,though it does have competition in the Baby Names area now in relation to a Cherry Red  headed artist of today…you better be serious if you don’t know who I’m talking about.

I think the band shares the same notes with The Carpenters,however The Carpenters do have this rather slow romanticism in their ballads as compared to FM.I think today we could add Lady Antebellum to the same category,though they have more of a southern country flavor to them.I discovered Fleetwood Mac just a few years back(Guilty),one day over the radio as I became ‘Musically Mature’-that I consider is opening oneself to new musical genres and tastes.I got a taste of ‘Everywhere’ and then went ahead and downloaded the whole discography.It paints a picture of those times when people had hair like Farah Fawcett,wore oversized blazers or parkas(hey are making a comeback today).I somehow always love going back to the cheesy tunes of the 80’s or 90’s,though I would groove to a ‘Super Bass’by Nicki Minaj with as much enthusiasm.

But personally for me Fleetwood Mac never gets Old!

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