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What’s Trending…..


Just back from a brief holiday,I decided to purchase a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s  “The Tipping Point’” from the bookstore at the airport.Sat down to read it today,when something in the introduction  caught my attention.

In short it was all about how Hush Puppies-the classic American brushed-suede shoes with the lightweight crepe sole made an extraordinary comeback between 1994 and 1995.The brand had been planning to phase out when the owners learnt of a trickle trend emerging at downtown bars in lower Manhattan.Soon the shoes were being featured in photo shoots with leading designer pieces.The brand sales doubled with every consecutive year from then and was the ‘It’ thing during the late 90s.

My point here is that its not limited to an international footwear brand,but I guess trends are started in our own personal and work spaces as well.Be a haircut that forced the rest of your girlfriends to hold their hair up in the mirror and debate chopping off locks to maybe encouraging people to strut around in pumps at work.Though I religiously look to the celebrities and designer labels to stay ahead of what’s walking on the ramps but I have always believed in creating your own signature piece or look.Lets do some brainstorming:

1.A pretty everyday necklace that catches everyone’s eye when talking to you.

2.Glaming up your boring old black jacket with a funky brooch.

3.Shoes in a style,that people had forgotten about long time back,after all its about retro these days.

4.For guys it could be the wayfarers in a radical color.

(Now tell me you haven’t thought to your self ‘Hey that looks good on him/her,can I pull it off?That is the minute the trend starts)

I am an absolute supporter of vintage and getting on old stuff out of the closet,with an exception that you can label yourself averagely decent in the attire when you stare across the mirror.If not alone,you could mix and match too.Some people are so busy trying to stay in trend ,that they miss out on the wonderful pieces shoved away at the back of the shelf.

***The Basset Hound is the symbol of the Hush Puppies Brand.

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The Recycling Times

I was watching the Today Show on NBC yesterday,where there was this discussion on Vanity Fair’s list of Best dressed Men and Women.So they go on about who’s made the list.Now the Duchess of Cambridge:Kate Middleton held one of the top position and then it becomes a hot debate as to how she has become a trend setter in recycling her clothes or rather making public appearance in a particular outfit more than once.It is worth acknowledging that a royal is repeating her clothes and carrying her own shopping bags!

How often would you repeat that favorite blue striped shirt  or that pink cardigan to work or a social gathering?Hmmm…Is it wrong or socially unacceptable to repeat?What are your definitions of a repeat disaster?

I mean its ok…I guess when you repeat your work clothes,unless of course your Anna Wintour’s assistant then you’d have to discard the poor piece after its first appearance.Anyway I think when you are working,its ok to wear a particular piece of clothing once in two or three weeks.You could even make it less of a repeat and more of a complimentary favorite by pairing it with something else.Like that cute black cardigan,with your chic trousers and then maybe later with a nice printed dress on those slightly chilly days.Now there are some guys I know who have their all time ‘Can’t live without denims’.I mean to them,they are walking out naked if they don’t have them on.God knows how often that goes into the washing machine!Reminds you of that time when your mom got you the nice t-shirt or shoes when you were a kid and where ever you went,you had to wear it.There are some individuals who swear every time,that its the first time they are wearing the item,though you swear in your mind you saw them wear it at the last  marketing meeting!I know of some people who even allot pieces to a particular season,no I’m not talking about the winter lot.But there are a couple of pieces like a blouse that comes out only in a particular season,make them look the temperature,if you get what I mean.In fact I was watching Katie Cruise (Tom Cruise’s wife incase it didn’t ring a bell the first time),so she was on the Jay Leno show and she says “I can’t wear yellow,that’s a spring color,for that matter even a pastel pink”.(Doesn’t suit her skin color)”I’m a winter person,I wear Reds.”Wow so we have a new category.

Now yes I agree the cute dress you wore at your cousin’s bachelorette party,well you can’t wear it to the wedding as well.I mean that would be plain lazy!There is something called…less is More!I’m going in for a theory here;you don’t show off that “Oh this looks so good on you’ piece,keep it to rare appearance and then bring it out like the Christmas crackers…you will still have people raving about it.Make sure you spend a little time to think how many new faces are going to be there.Now don’t go about wearing that pink blouse at every nice occasion,people will soon think you are poor or just too darn lazy to try on something new.

Lets just say the ‘Once in a blue moon’ appearance aint wrong!And I am glad that the Duchess is making sure the world knows that too,thereby signifying our economic times!

(Need to mention H.H. Sheika Moza Bint Nasser  of Qatar, wife of H.H. the Emir of Qatar and  UNESCO special envoy for basic and higher education made the list too!!)


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